Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Kitchen, New Goals!

Hello & Happy New Year!! It's not quite 10pm on New Year's Eve (when we wrote this), but it feels like we're already up and running in 2014. The last 24 hours of this year saw some sudden and amazing changes, and 2013 was pretty interesting across the board! It was a year of sink-or-swim where we made decisions by cultivating a zen-like focus on BMK's goals. We grew steadily, and stayed centered on our values: bringing real, unprocessed, delicious plant-based food to as many people as possible. Because we each wear many hats at BMK, we don't always get the time to sit down and talk about where we're going. It's hard to find that time when we're busily swapping roles between chef, web/graphic designer, IT nerd, customer service, purchasing, accounting, sales/marketing - and hey, we're also married to each other AND have families, friends, and triathlon habits! It's only fitting that the final day of this year culminated in a huge shift for us.

We first met with The Hood Kitchen Space a year ago - right as we took the plunge into starting our business. Both companies knew it was a good match, since our values and priorities are eerily similar, but each of us was just getting started and neither could meet the other's needs just yet. We kept an eye on how they grew this year and they stayed up to date with us, so when the time came to look for BMK's new home, our paths crossed again. In short (you might even say sudden) order we found common ground and decided to take advantage of the perfect end-of-month-and-year timing to make an impromptu move during what was to be our only time off since Honu 70.3 last June! 

So, what is The Hood Kitchen Space and how does it relate to the service you already get from BMK? Glad you asked! THK is a fully-licensed shared commercial kitchen space and market, and it's honestly the finest facility of its kind either of us has seen, but it's so much more: Six different kitchens loaded with shiny new equipment, each tuned with a different focus, plus a studio kitchen for demonstrations, classes, filming, or the occasional pop-up dinner! Their market side interests us, and they have the experience to help us pursue retailing the items our customers already know and love. BMK Bars? Snackbars? Pickles? Since they already have a market, the licensing is in place for us to explore some of these options. It's a beautiful space that will allow us to thrive and grow - we'd been feeling cramped in our previous space for a while now! It's an environment we're proud to represent that truly fosters what we do and who we are; a community of companies that take serious pride in their craft. We'd love for you to come by and see us! 

Amidst all this sudden and enormous change on our end, there's one constant note we've heard through each day, week, and year: The tremendous gratitude we have for our clients. You've been there week after week with us as we grew. You've talked us up on your social media, you've referred your friends, kids, parents, and neighbors. While we've been busily crafting the tastiest healthy meals we can conjure, it's all of you who've tended to Bite Me Kitchen and given it the encouragement, support, and fanfare that it needs to grow! For that, we can't thank you enough! We are so excited to have with us on our journey into 2014 and we can't wait for the day you can join us for a sit-down dinner at our place, relax and chat over a glass of wine and some hot-from-the-kitchen BMK delights!


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